Sunday, 20 March 2011

Shooting diary

Day 6
In order to re shoot the bathroom scene we would need a lot more space to film in. Luckily Jack had just recently moved into a new house where his bathroom was large enough to do such filming. We would require a green screen to film the fighting scenes and also the large area to fit cameras in; the large disabled bathroom used by the previous owner of the house suited this perfectly.
 On this day jack was extremely ill, jeopardising any filming on that day. However he manned up and we manage to film a key part in our film.
The first take was to film my entry into the house and the bathroom where my character would clean myself of lasts nights’ mischief, but wondering into some trouble (with his reflection). In order to create this effect we would place the camera on a tripod so that whist editing simply cropping the clip into two would show both me and my reflection doing different things. I already knew where this clip would fit in our song, (where the music becomes slower and with a high pitched tune rather than the beat of the drum and bass). This meant that filming and acting out the scene would be easy because I knew what I wanted to add in to each shot. Directing the scene was made easy meaning that jack was able to do as much as he felt he could under his ill conditions.
I then taped the camera to the bottom of the door. This shot looked amazing and suited our film perfectly. I decided to do this because I had practiced it when I was helping film with another A level group. I decided to use the shot in our film because it gives a motion to the audience which they are not familiar with.
Jack and I managed to film almost all of the bathroom scenes, all except ones which needed green screening, this was the fighting scenes. It would have been ideal for Sam and Louis to have been there to help film this part, but both excused themselves. Like last time we shot the fight scenes I would fight Sam posing as me so I could reacted to certain parts I needed a body to fight against, as well as holding and supporting the green screen. Because Sam and Louis felt that they weren’t needed and so didn’t join the filming.  
We filmed almost 10 minutes of footage. Overall this was a successful day considering we didn’t have two members of our crew and jack was extremely ill.

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