Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shooting Diary

Day 8
This would be our final filming day. Every section had been filmed at least once. However during the half term parts of our film had been deleted from the computer. To put it politely this made us very angry and want to hurt the man in question. But we had no time for that because our deadline was extremely close. We would have to go out and film this part again.
This missing scene is the link the first dog chase scene in with the other parts of our film. Because of the idiots mistake we had an opportunity to re-film any parts we thought could look better. We evaluated different parts of the footage we already had and looked to change them. This included when Sam was smiling and looking directly at the camera. We wanted to change his look so he looked more sinister and every now and again changed into a white mask.
A small set back again was part of my costume was missing. The yellow glasses which identified me from my clone were left in my broken car and we would get them back until after our deadline. I had an idea to use the same shaped glasses but turn the footage black and white so that the colour of the glasses wouldn’t matter. We eventually overcame the problem by doing just that. It was good that the clone wasn’t needed in this scene so the yellow glasses would not the end our filming.
All the footage was re shot adding another two minutes. We captured 5 minutes worth of footage on this, our last day of filming. Our entire focus was now on the editing stage to get it finished, polished and looking the best it could be.  

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Editing & Ideas

Influenced by our music and footage and research, we have made the decision to take further inspiration from the music video Firestarter- Prodigy. Where the drop in music is also matched by the drop of a character into some head banging. Additionally, we are going to experiment with split screens to imply a rushed, busy and tense atmosphere.

Digi Pack devolpoment

There has been a lot of trouble deciding on our digi pack. The net and form of our product was made in seconds, with only a little research into packaging and digital packing. However there has been forever alteration with our final design.  It has change from circuit boards to game boys to barking dogs to Abbey road copies. According to Louis has fiddled altered and tweaked the design ‘too many times.’ However we haven’t come to the conclusion on the final design. A group meeting was to resolve the situation, with help from outside and independent sources (students, teachers and peers) we found which design would look best.
Here is one design which was a random outcome of an idea which I thought would look aesthetically pleasing. However critically analysing the photo I can criticise where it flaws. This was agreed by the rest of my crew and again an independent source. Louis then stopped on this idea and proceeded onto the next one element of this will still remain in the design. The shoes and crossing. ‘Criticism isn’t always nice but it is necessary ’

I’m sure that you can see where my idea flawed and you have some criticism of your own. But i hope you see where I was coming from.

How did your research into genre contribute to your production work?

There is very little we left up to originality. We researched everything. Every image, website to even the very feel for the film was researched.  
Research into genre contributed to our production work to a great extent as we had to make sure everything we created fitted within the conventions and styles of the genre. We research many things within this genre to help us try to produce a product that both fitted with in the conventions but also broke them and stood out from the crowd. Our research majorly influenced our filming and editing as well as the auxiliary tasks. This influenced the album digipack that we are making for our auxiliary task. The influences came from other albums such as Pendulum’s album ‘In Silico’ which at first glance seems like just a colourful circle within a circuit board, however when you look deeper into the image you begin to notice that it is in fact an embryo not a circle and the circuit board around the outside transforms into sperm cells. This album greatly influenced us as we then wanted to create a similar style album cover with almost hidden images to catch the attention of our target audience. Because of this influence we decided to create a circuit board style cover which would then enable us to create subliminal album artwork.
However after researching further we decided that was not the path we wished to take and were then influenced by the album artwork of chase and status’s album ‘No More Idols’, which consists of just the tittle of the band and album and a full scale picture of a bulldog’s head. We were going to use the same style but exchange the dog for mine which features in our film, keeping it consistent, meaningful and slightly more original. But after many group discussions we decided that this was too similar and changed it yet again.
This time were going to keep it simple and concise. We wanted it to fit in with our music video and therefore decided to use stills from our film and previous band photo’s we took as the artwork, Louis would then use the skills he has on photo shop to edit the pictures to give them an edgy feel. For example one image is totally black and white except for my shoes which are purple. This brings the image to life and attracts the attention of any potential customers who would wish to buy this album. This way it would be totally individual and original to us, and could not be done for any copyright. Also it would be consistent as there will be continuity between all of our products which will make it all seem more professional.
We practically researched everything that is within our film so that it looks the best/sell the most/ achieves the highest it can.

How is your research into institutions responsible for the production and regulation of the media influence your production work?

In the music industry, a record label is a brand and a trademark associated with the marketing of music. In the industry of music, a record label is a brand and a trade mark associated with the marketing of music. When choosing a label you have to think carefully about what genre that label is associated with, what audience follows that label and how they distribute the tracks. There for we had to find a label that represented us and our style of music and kept us independent and original. As a small new upcoming band we aimed to get an independent label such as ‘XL’ which is based in the United Kingdom and they started off with the prodigy before they grew and became famous. The prodigy our now releasing a new album under their own label, as they have outgrown other labels and this would be where we would hope to achieve.
Many bands similar to our style stick with their first independent label to keep their music original and not to sell out to popular demand as bands such as ‘green day’ and ‘lost profits’ have over the years.  To the major labels such as Universal records, whose main aim is more money orientated rather than the music. So an independent label would be ideal for our band. Our whole style breaks against conformity and we would need a record label that would fit in with that, so if we were to sign for a major label we would be selling out our beliefs and that’s not right.
Crew Practicing Hard Reasurch tecniques
After researching these labels we decided to go for a small independent label we found called Break-beat Kaos. A British independent record label based in London, UK that specializes in drum and bass. Starting in 2005, Break-beat Kaos has released studio album debuts from Pendulum, Fresh and J Majik & Wickaman. The label has also released singles by artists including Baron,Chase & Status, D.Kay and Future Prophecies. Since its foundation, Breakbeat Kaos has released thirty one singles and four albums from more than thirteen artists, in addition to fourteen singles released through its sub labels, Under Construction and Dogs on Acid.

Shooting Dairy

 Day 7
From the start we encountered difficulties. Whiles Louis and Sam pick up a MacDonald’s, me and Jack retrieved a working camera and a charge battery. On coming back Sam and Louis returned to school to continue with the auxiliary task leaving jack and I to once again film without them. We were to film the fight scene however the, set had change from what we had filmed before.  In the new bath room which had been made smaller, and a wall inserted. This meant we were unable to film the fight scene. We decided that this scene wasn’t necessary to our film and would probably make the film flow better if left out.
In order to wrap it up and end filming, so focus could be on editing and effect making, Jack and I continued to film until the final scene and the final shots. This meant getting the gun as a prop in the showdown scene. Jacks brother had leant this to a mate and so we had to get it off of them. Yet another problem.
After all the palaver, Jack and I rushed into action, filming all we could in the remaining time frame. Again approaching the filming in chronological order, so not to get confused we filmed the build up to the finale. The finale which would take part in jacks living room, (this turned out to be a well considered and if not convenient place to film. The window and space which the setting provided made it easy to shoot the scenes as quick and effectively as we both could.)
When filming the chasing scene building up to the showdown between our characters, I decided if it was possible to film a part when the two would be separated, so in story context, finding the gun and ending the chase would be more realistic. This would also help the verisimilitude of the film remain clear, intact and not ruin anyone’s suspended engagement into our film. I thought that the roads and alley-ways were perfect to film, a shot when our clone character was to be suddenly hit by a car. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to film me being physically hit by a car however jack thought that with the use of after effects, he would be able to create this effect. We would however need to hold up the green screen. But without Louis or Sam this was difficult to do with just one person. Luckily we manage to ask a cyclist if he would be able to help us hold the green screen behind me whiles I tried to act being hit by a car.  He was very obliging and held the green scene for us.
As editor I knew a perfect part of the film to put this scene. This fitted perfectly with a drop in the music and I hoped at the time it would shock the audience and hopefully put a cool, exciting effect to the film as a whole.
The finale, would seem to take place in two scenes, we already had footage of one of the endings however we needed to film the build up and finish to the first setting, this also include the showdown and actually firing the gun. When we decided how the two scenes were going to be edited and filmed we drew inspiration from an iconic scene from ‘Transpotting’. This is when in one scene he had just taken a hit of heroine and in the other he has just been hit in the face with a football. Both fall at the same rate and in almost symmetry. We liked this scene so much that we decided to use it as a basis to end our film with. To film this I would have to fall backwards, we used cushions to break my fall and stop me from hurting myself. Unfortunately we realised that we should use cushions too late as I threw myself onto Jacks very hard floor hurting my coccyx.  When the cushions were in place I strapped the camera and tripod to my stomach. Facing the camera towards myself made the focus on me and the movement on the objects and the falling objects and scenery around me. This gave a surreal effect and one which I think matches the entire feeling of our film. We used this technique also when running however I only used the camera at arm’s length.  The gun and nuzzle flashes of the gun firing would be added later using after effects to give a better and more realistic/ professional effect.
Obviously this was our most successful day of filming, filming just over 23 minutes of footage. Jack and I had become very efficient at filming together.  After the filming I also manage to capture all of the film so editing could commence instantly. We then realised that there were small parts which would link scenes nicely, for example first sending a text to his friend explaining how he was feeling and when to meet him on the bridge. These would be filmed whenever possible in the future.
End of Filming (We were all very happy)

Shooting diary

Day 6
In order to re shoot the bathroom scene we would need a lot more space to film in. Luckily Jack had just recently moved into a new house where his bathroom was large enough to do such filming. We would require a green screen to film the fighting scenes and also the large area to fit cameras in; the large disabled bathroom used by the previous owner of the house suited this perfectly.
 On this day jack was extremely ill, jeopardising any filming on that day. However he manned up and we manage to film a key part in our film.
The first take was to film my entry into the house and the bathroom where my character would clean myself of lasts nights’ mischief, but wondering into some trouble (with his reflection). In order to create this effect we would place the camera on a tripod so that whist editing simply cropping the clip into two would show both me and my reflection doing different things. I already knew where this clip would fit in our song, (where the music becomes slower and with a high pitched tune rather than the beat of the drum and bass). This meant that filming and acting out the scene would be easy because I knew what I wanted to add in to each shot. Directing the scene was made easy meaning that jack was able to do as much as he felt he could under his ill conditions.
I then taped the camera to the bottom of the door. This shot looked amazing and suited our film perfectly. I decided to do this because I had practiced it when I was helping film with another A level group. I decided to use the shot in our film because it gives a motion to the audience which they are not familiar with.
Jack and I managed to film almost all of the bathroom scenes, all except ones which needed green screening, this was the fighting scenes. It would have been ideal for Sam and Louis to have been there to help film this part, but both excused themselves. Like last time we shot the fight scenes I would fight Sam posing as me so I could reacted to certain parts I needed a body to fight against, as well as holding and supporting the green screen. Because Sam and Louis felt that they weren’t needed and so didn’t join the filming.  
We filmed almost 10 minutes of footage. Overall this was a successful day considering we didn’t have two members of our crew and jack was extremely ill.