Sunday, 20 March 2011

Digi Pack devolpoment

There has been a lot of trouble deciding on our digi pack. The net and form of our product was made in seconds, with only a little research into packaging and digital packing. However there has been forever alteration with our final design.  It has change from circuit boards to game boys to barking dogs to Abbey road copies. According to Louis has fiddled altered and tweaked the design ‘too many times.’ However we haven’t come to the conclusion on the final design. A group meeting was to resolve the situation, with help from outside and independent sources (students, teachers and peers) we found which design would look best.
Here is one design which was a random outcome of an idea which I thought would look aesthetically pleasing. However critically analysing the photo I can criticise where it flaws. This was agreed by the rest of my crew and again an independent source. Louis then stopped on this idea and proceeded onto the next one element of this will still remain in the design. The shoes and crossing. ‘Criticism isn’t always nice but it is necessary ’

I’m sure that you can see where my idea flawed and you have some criticism of your own. But i hope you see where I was coming from.

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