Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Target Audience

Our target audience for this track is young adults aged 16-25 years of age. Who are the most influential and outgoing people. They are already engorged in music and make up 90% of the people at gigs and festivals. So therefore by targeting this age group we can maximise our publicity and sales of our albums.
Our product is similar to many products made by other bands such as 'Chase & Status', 'Pendulum', 'Enter Shikari' and 'Hadouken'. They all have a similar target audience, with similar interests which consists mostly of white boys in their late teens from middle class backgrounds. Meaning that they have a relatively average rate of income and disposable income to spend on gigs and CD's and downloads.  Women are also included in this target audience, but it does consist mainly of men. We would hope to make our target audience as board as possible to please more people, meaning more money. However this is the audience we would be aiming to please if we released the album. By marketing ourselves in a similar way to bands such as Hadouken, and other bands in this genre with this target audience, we should generate an image in people's minds that associates us with bands that they have heard and enjoyed before. These artists have a common theme of dark shades contrasting with bright fluorescent colours which is a follow up from the rave scene of the 80's and 90's. We have followed this theme on our website by having a predominantly black background but with flashes of pink and yellow in the text.

We researched the average statistics for the age of people within the UK to get a better understanding of how large the age range we are targeting was. The graph shows that our target audience rages from about 300,000 to about 425,000, meaning that we have a large potential market to attract.

How Will Reach Our Target Audience

To reach our target audience we will use a variety of media methods such as Internet advertising, TV promotion and posters at gigs and festivals and possibly attempting to get our album onto iTunes and other downloadable sites.

We would use websites such as Facebook and My-space as they have millions of members and a large number of the people that use these websites fit into our target range. Also placing ads on websites such as kerrang, as shown below.

Then we will attempt to get our video on music channels such as MTV base, Kerrang, NME, Starz TV and 4 music to try and maximise our track. Plus these channels are regularly viewed by our target range and can be shown to thousands of people at a time. These channels are typically viewed by our target market, they play them at parties and when at home with mates so this is why we chose these channels. Obviously radio influences would massively affects who listens to the song and who hears our name. A survey on our target audience and a questionnaire on our school of the similar age range, shows that 60% listen to BBC Radio 1, 30% listen to BBC radio 2 and 10% other stations. Prime time to play our track to our target audience is late afternoon and mornings, (before school) due to the times when our target audience is most likely to listen to the radio. 50% of people listen to the radio between 8:00 am and 9:00 am. Prime time to play our track to our specific audience is on Radio 1, possibly on Chris Moyle’s breakfast show.
Also we would produce a poster to post round festivals and gigs and any other venues such as the Guildhall and The B.I.C. Here are some examples:

Also to keep up to date with the change in technology we would try and get our tracks on iTunes as it has become a major site for people to get there music on a global scale. To do this we have to go through sights such as this one below:

This site enables anyone to upload their music to a wide variety of download sites, including the big names such as iTunes and Amazon. To do this we would have to pay a one off fee and then we can upload our album and get to keep all the rights and profits made from sales. This would increase awareness of our track to a great extent.
Also we conducted a small survey of our year group to try and establish where they got their music from. This is to help us chose how to reach our audience. A massive 72% said they got their music from download sights such as iTunes and Amazon, 18% said they bought Cd's and 10% illegally downloaded their music. From this information we were able to establish that the majority use download sites, so this is a vital way to distribute our track. Also the research is based on our age range which is also within the target range so it shows this would be a very affective method to reach our audience.  

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