Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shooting Diary

Day 8
This would be our final filming day. Every section had been filmed at least once. However during the half term parts of our film had been deleted from the computer. To put it politely this made us very angry and want to hurt the man in question. But we had no time for that because our deadline was extremely close. We would have to go out and film this part again.
This missing scene is the link the first dog chase scene in with the other parts of our film. Because of the idiots mistake we had an opportunity to re-film any parts we thought could look better. We evaluated different parts of the footage we already had and looked to change them. This included when Sam was smiling and looking directly at the camera. We wanted to change his look so he looked more sinister and every now and again changed into a white mask.
A small set back again was part of my costume was missing. The yellow glasses which identified me from my clone were left in my broken car and we would get them back until after our deadline. I had an idea to use the same shaped glasses but turn the footage black and white so that the colour of the glasses wouldn’t matter. We eventually overcame the problem by doing just that. It was good that the clone wasn’t needed in this scene so the yellow glasses would not the end our filming.
All the footage was re shot adding another two minutes. We captured 5 minutes worth of footage on this, our last day of filming. Our entire focus was now on the editing stage to get it finished, polished and looking the best it could be.  

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