Wednesday, 2 February 2011


We used a simple website making programme called

As part of our project we were to create a band web site. As the auxiliary task enabled us to research similar band websites and ways we were to create a web site. Having never created a web site of our own this was a new skill we were to learn. Sam and Jack proved very able to select appropriate colour schemes and images in order to make the web site look good, they showed this from an early stage and so I continued with editing leaving them to create the web site.

We created a website for our band to make it seem more professional and also enable the band to accessible to everyone around the world, similar bands also use this website as a advertising aid for their own bands and this is also our aim. We used a website called, it set up a template for use which we then could change and develop it as we pleased. We were able to select colours, images and extra tabs for links to other pages similar to actual link we had researched along the way.
This image below is the main page, it shows three pictures of the band and the band’s name in the top left. We will be replacing the album artwork with the real album artwork once it is finished. Below the name is 4 tabs which are Home, Discography, tour'n'Gallery and Contact'n'comment. All of these aspects of our website were careful thought about. Each font image and colour scheme and even the links are added to match conventions of similar band websites in order to establish our own band amongst existing bands.

This next page/ image shows the discography area of our website. It shows the tracks on our CD and also gives background information on how the band got noticed and the band members themselves. This part was though up on the spot and is easily changed. For example the album cover and the titles of each track can be change to suit our specification points- Ones we feel can match and go against conventions when needed to establish our band as ‘drum and bass’ but also with a difference.
Another cool aspect within the website is the ability for the audience to have a chance to listen to a track of our album. Also the speakers move with the music, giving it a more professional feel. This is similar to the prodigy’s website and so we thought would also suit our own.

This is a screen shot of the Tour'n'Gallery page, this contains information about when and where the band will be touring, posters and adverts shown on researched websites showed the audience when the tour dates occurred however this was quite hard to establish with some band website having to look at multiple links to find any information about touring. We then decided to show the audience straight away and clearly tour dates, rather than the hassle of (kick-starts website looking for ages finding out that all dates occurring and information available on future posts).
Also shows all the bands photos so the audience can feel closer to the band. Keeping the audience up to date will help keep the ticket sales as high as possible maximising the bands profits making us huge rock stars.

This is the last page of our website, it enables our fans to get in contact with the band and this makes them feel valued. Also it helps the band make decisions on where to tour next in relation to fan demands. (This was influenced by the ‘Spice Girls’ when they asked their fans what city they should perform to next with the voting system used on their website.... un/fortunately the fans chose Bagdad)
This website was relatively easy to use and we soon got the hang of it and managed to produce a convincing official website for our band.

We looked at other similar bands websites to try and get a feel for what the norm for this style of music is, and then add our own unique twists to make it individual and original to us. We were advised to ignore the prodigy website as we are already using a prodigy song and need to keep as far away from copyrighting their merchandise as possible. So we there for we looked at the websites of The Qemists, Pendulum, Chase and Status, Example etc.

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