Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Group Discussions - Digipack Alteration

As a team we must keep an on going discussion and  with criticisms and feedback make constructive alterations to our product, non more so than the Digipack. We decided to discussed everything that we had been doing and all decided to go against our original plan of using a circuit board theme throughout our Digipack. Instead we chose to use new photo's we took and stills from our music video. We were then greatly influenced by the album cover of Chase and Status's album, No More Idols 
(shown below).

From this we used a still of the dog in our film and got a still image of it barking and incorporated it as the cover for our Digipack. Then Louis took some photo's of Sam in the white mask and walking about, altered the images, changing the contrast, colour scheme and many other effects to give it an edgy feel. However only one of the images is in colour and the rest are in black and white.The inside of the Digipack will also carry this theme of the masks and stills of the film but again this is open to review but must be finalised shortly.

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