Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Shooting Diary

Day 5
We had planned to film a large amount on this day because we had all members of our team plus a volunteered extra (Dan Norris). Unfortunately our day was cut short when Louis received a call telling him that he was supposed to be in a biology exam. No matter we decided to re film missing parts and links which I had noticed when forming the film in editing. Sam reminded everyone that we should go back to his house, (after he had gone to the toilet,) we were able to use Ollie once again for the chasing scenes.
Jack decided to film more of the running scenes so that we could also add more footage to edit as well as getting footage to make it the film flow. When filming one running scene Dan (the extra) came across an amazing location behind some garages. Instantly we set up the cameras so that we could film a chase scene round the winding alley ways even filming from upon the garages to give a CCTV effect, (an effect we learned when filming our preliminary exercise in A level media.)
The weather was perfectly suited to our film and so we used all that we could of it. Again it was cold but we were prepared with gloves. More chasing scenes kept me warm. When filming we try to gain the best places to shot from, pushing the camera men, Jack and Sam, to get the best shots possible. Jack attempted to climb a wall on the other side of Poulner Bridge, (where we shot previously) but in doing so scraped his nipple piercing, the shot turned out to be awesome but according to jack not good enough considering the pain he had gone trough. Jack insisted that we were to end filming and capture the footage even though there was useable daylight.
Another part of the days filming included scenes when running down alley ways. The camera and camera men proved to be a difficult obstacle to get round when running and acting the chase scene. During the filming were we also to film bystanders in white masks, this is where Dan Norris was needed. This though also meant that it was another obstacle I encountered when running. To overcome this we split the shots into two and filmed me running without them in the background and then a second time with them poking their heads round and into shot
This ended up being one of our more successful days. Overall we filmed and captured over 20 minutes worth of footage.

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