Tuesday, 18 January 2011

CD album cover

ideas and planing

We have been influenced by Pendulums' album 'In Silico' which features a circuit board look which is in fact sperm reaching the egg. It has inspired us to give our album cover an electrical circuit board look, which relates to the electronic sound that Drum and Bass tends to have. The colours on this cover are also ones which you represent with the genre; the electric blue, deep reds florescent colours that resemble glow sticks and remind our/ its audiences of drum & bass music.

Within our CD album cover and Digi pack will be the image of a green circuit board with our band name, logo and album name as well as record label and producers. The colours on our album will be the typical green circuit board. Changing it to one of the other colours mentioned above was too overpowering and I believe takes away a bit of the point we are making about our music having electronic influences. Whilst this colour change may be a useful technique in other areas to help distinguish us from the crowd, I think that we want to keep the conception that we fundamentally are like other drum and bass bands. Our logo, band name and album name will all be placed on the little blackish-grey boxes. Our logo and band name will stay the same design but I think that we should make the album name look like it belongs on the circuit board, in that plain mechanical easy read text. I think it works aesthetically and is a nice little quirk to the album cover. We come up with the band name from influences form films, loud noises is a quote from the 2004 film ‘Anchorman’. Loud noises also can be linked into our genre of music when the music is often loud and defining. We feel loud Noises is a clever and quirky chose for our brand name. We matched the name with bands such as the Noisettes or Pendulum. Other aspects of our band like the other songs on the album cover also come from quotes from the film ‘Anchorman’. This was just for ease of decision and is open to change. The album cover is very important in creating the first image in the audiences/ consumers mind. We have to get this part right to be more effective. We will continue to develop and change our ideas also getting outsider comment on our album cover so that we get another perspective of our product so that it’s as most eye catching and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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