Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Email To The Prodigy

This is the email which we designed to send to the prodigy asking for permission to use their song 'Piranha'for copying purposes. This is an email that we wrote up to send to The Prodigy asking permission to use their track for our course because we felt that is was best suited to our project and our initial ideas.

'We are a group of media students from a small town in the U.K.
We are writing to ask if we could use the track ‘Piranha’ for our media course.
The work is entirely for academic purposes and has no commercial value to us.
We will not be re-selling or making any profit out of our production, we kindly ask
you permission to use your track for our media portfolio. Thank you. '

We are cuurently awaiting a reply so we are going ahead with this track untill further notice.

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