Monday, 10 January 2011


This is the link to our group’s animatic. This is a moving storyboard that we drew for our music video to give us an idea and outline of what we need to do when filming. I drew all of the pictures for the story board from idea’s that jack and ben would speak out, and from those words I would have to create an image to represent what they wanted to happen in the video, it was rather hit and miss for a while. This took longer than expected as we had a lot of idea’s and took time to decide upon which one would be best suited for our music video. Once the story board was completed we took photos of each individual image and then uploading them to the computer and them putting them onto premier pro. Then Louis created the animatic, but as this is our final year of media at a level we decided to make it more interesting. We altered some of the pictures so they actually appear to move in the screen. Also Louis added the band pictures we took into the animatic at certain intervals in the song, for example when the word Piranha appears a band photo will appear for a couple of frames. This made the animatic more interesting and appealing, also looks more professional than just the images moving slowly to the music. The animatic only lasts for two thirds of the song as our storyboard was not long enough to last the whole 3 and a half minutes. So we cut to a black fade and then had some tittles come up and faded the song out to finish it off.

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