Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Filming Overview

During January we spent 4 full days filming everything we needed. We had reviewed our product and ideas up to this point and made the necessary changes also by asking for feedback from a user group/ audience. As we were making a music video, sound was not a problem we had to consider as all the footage would be stripped of its audio and replaced with the Piranha track or a added foley recording from, ‘freesound.org’ . For as many shots as possible we used free hand rather than tripod as we wanted to make the shots full of action, movement and to make the audience feel like they were there, We have inherited this idea from “Fear and Loathing from Las Vegas”, in this film the majority of the footage is with moving scenery, nothing is still, stable or structured. This makes the audience and the characters seem unstable and the film edgy. We want to use this effect because we feel that this would be a good technique to involve the audience and make the enjoy it. It also fits in with the fact that the character is still recovering from a drug and alcohol fuelled party the night before and so ghosting effects and blurring effects made it look like the vision of not only the character was impaired by drugs but also the audiences.
Continuity was not a huge problem for us, we just made sure that Sam and I wore the same clothes on each day of filming which meant having the Yellow glasses on for my character and off for my clone.

The equipment used is as follows:
2x Standard Definition Mini DV Cameras
1x Steady Cam
1x Tripod
Yellow wayfarer glasses
BB Gun
Green Screen
2x White Masks
Snooker Cue and masking tape and hockey sticks
Small Paper Squares (To represent the LSD)

As Louis was unable to make any of the days we went out filming due to exams and prior engagements, we recruited the help of Daniel Norris to help out and appear in our music video as one of the white masked characters.

Ben Carey - The druggy/clone
Samuel Harradine - White masked character #1/friend on the bridge/Passed out partier
Daniel Norris - White masked character #2
Ollie the Rottweiler
James King - Pedestrian

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