Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Music video research

Music video research
We decided to get so ideas from other films in the music video industry. We started out choosing songs and music videos we liked and thought looked good. We then stared selecting parts of these films and aspects that we liked so it could influence our film.
Others in my group have done a detailed analysis of the music video. Similar to my first analysis of “Aha- Take on me”, they all did ones from this list of songs that we all created. I chose “Aha” because of the special effect created with the Pencil-sketch animation/live-action combination. Even though this is a good music video it doesn’t match our song choice or the other music videos we were influenced by. However we could add this in to our “trippy looking film” but it wouldn’t have the same brilliant effect.
The technical aspects of all these films will also have a key influence on our project. Mise en scene, continuity, narrative, context, action, dialogue (if we use it), make up, effects, lighting camera shot, sound, and most importantly editing.

Here are some of the music videos we were influenced by=

Gorillas- Stylo. I like this music video; it’s so modern and uses so many effects including the live action and animation effect. I feel that the way that the cloud covers the sky in order to make it dark and sinister is an awesome effect and one that we could use in our film, that’s if we have the skills or equipment to do so. Having Bruce Willis as a cameo is possible out of our reach, however we aren’t that bothered by that. The fast action shots and editing is another aspect that we would want to put into our film.

Faithless- (at the start of Muhammad Ali when it zooms in) - this zoom is an effect that real took us. We like the way that it focuses on one person from so far away. We would put out own style on it but we want to put this effect into our film.

Enigma- return to innocence- the whole film is filmed in reverse. It’s meant to be a person’s life but from death to birth. This is a clever effect and I would like to incorporated it, but possibly only parts of our film, this would be like “The Pharcyde- Drop”.  

OK GO- here it goes again-we just enjoy this video, this would be ridiculously hard to make because it is all one take.
Oren Lavie- Her morning elegance- this is stop motion video, this is very cleverly done and I feel that this would be a cool effect to make someone like as if they were flying or running really quickly. This could be used in our film however this would be really hard to edit or even flow with the rest of our effects. This is also similar to “The used- paralysed” where he give the effect of flying. (This would take month and extreme precision, both we don’t have.

Kasabian- shoot the runner- the colours in this film are very basic, the song choice is similar to our chosen song “The Prodigy= Piranha”. The splatter over the lenses is something that we can create possibly with blood, maybe? This is something that our team could think about when looking to creating our film.

 Kasabian -Fire- Overall i think this is a good video, but not great because it doesn't challenge any pre-conceptions we have of the genre. The only unique selling point this video had was the 'guitars for guns' and the underlying message of music piracy. Jack has done a very detailed analysis of this video.  http://msrjarnold.blogspot.com/2010/09/kasabian-fire.html 

Kasabian- Fire
Other influences
San Miguel- it’s not a quick beer. The way the rest of the world is rushing passed him. We like this effect and we think I would work in our film as a “tripped out” effect. San Miguel- Advert
Shutter island (2010)- where the smoke goes back into the cigarette to represent the dream like status

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas (1998) - the whole film is within the mind of a drugged out character. His visions are influence to what our character will also see when he is under the influence.

We have researched hundreds of music videos and researched effects that we like and could replicate. I hope that these can fit in our film alongside our ever growing storyline, which we are still to finalise. I think that we will be influence up until the end of our editing when we can add no more. The research will be on going. I will again comment on other effects and music  video styles that we feel suit our project.  

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