Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Example- Kick Start. Music video replication

Kick-start practice-

We decided to see how hard the music industry is to replicate. This was in order to get some idea of how much it takes to get a good enough look for our video. We decided to use a song which had a modern video, with no effects but with a lot of editing to get practice with. Kick-start by Example was chosen by all of us because it was a cool music video to use with quick editing, our actual film will be much darker with other effects but the practice of lip-sinking and replicating the motion in the film would be invaluable to us before making our film.
We decided to match the beginning of the film but we ran out of time towards the end.  Capturing the footage was the most difficult part. We had about 4 days in which we recorded over 2 hours of foot tapping, when we realised that there was only 2 back grounds. We had to recapture our footage. Whist jack was editing this first half of the foot tapping process me and Sam were continuing filming our other footage, dancing and lip-sinking to the song. Annoyingly this footage wasn’t edited into this film. Other than the 30 seconds worth of our edited film we would have had over 2 minutes. This would have been extremely difficult to edit we then ran out of time and so only ended up with the 30 seconds you see in our film.
The quick foot tapping at the start proved the most difficult piece of editing we had ever seen and had to do. In the future we will use the techniques we gained but we will not do anything as complicated as this. Instead we will use other techniques to create a cleaver effect. We think we will use special effects an effect we learned last year when making our AS film “After Death”. Hopefully we have become more advanced since then and we can create something a little bit better.
We now hate the song now and we think that when editing our actual film we will listen to it less so that we are not annoyed or changed by the song.  I enjoyed making our version of this film and hope to create something at the same standard.

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