Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Scene 1- Set in a pool room. It will be a darkened and mess up room. The mis en scene is important when on film on this location because it will be the scene introducing the audience with the setting and the character. The room is outside my house and can easily be used as a drunken party pad.

Scene 2- Set on the street. This is where someone would normally meet a dog walker and so we decided this would be the best place to set the scene where the dog barks at our character. This we feel would be set in an alley way/ on the road down Northfield road also where part of the running scene will be set.

Scene 3- Set in a bathroom, because of access and mirror positioning we felt that it would be easy and suitable just to use my bathroom as it is easily accessible form the pool room and so loss of sunlight is minimal when going form scene to scene.

Scene 4- The chase scene will be filmed in as many places as possible, including: Buildings, Ringwood town, housing estates and gardens. Anywhere that we can film myself running or being chased we will film. Alley ways are the main focus in the hope that we can encounter fewer obstacles when filming including pedestrians and cars that might ruin the mis en scene or the shot, ruining the continuity as well as the film.

Scene 5- A house which the character I am playing breaks into. This could be Jacks house, however because he is moving house soon this could be difficult if we have to re-film any shots from this scene. We hope that this wouldn’t be necessary but is a factor we have to consider. Jacks house is perfect because it’s easily accessible to us and we can film what we want when we want.

Our locations can be changed if we feel they don’t suit our film in any way. We have though hard in what location would suit us and our film best but with the scope to change we feel we can get suitable footage in different locations giving a variety of options for us to film in.

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